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Jiangsu Kunshan Fortune Plaza

Use products: LED transparent full-color light guide plate
(specifications: 1200 * 500mm) more than 2000 pieces, more than 1000 meters of line lights, LED lights more than 500

LED transparent full - color light guide plate

Wedel LED full-color light guide plate light curtain wall lighting is a building designed specifically for high-tech building products, can be more than one lamp can be cascade composition of colorful, bright and charming. With three primary colors (R, G, B) composition, can display more than 60,000 kinds of colors, playing Symphony and video effects can be achieved. Unique control: the use of DMX512 improved version of SDMX512 control mode control, to break the shortcomings of DMX512 control points to overcome the shortcomings of RS-485 communication, is a LED chip for SMD R & D control system. [Detailed]

Shanghai Qingpu District hotel lighting project

Shanghai Qingpu District hotel lighting projectUse of products: LED line lights (Size: 1000 * 60 * 18mm) More than 8,000 meters, wall lights (size: 1000 * 40 * 63mm) more than 500 meters,

LED line lights

WEDEL LED line lights to a dedicated driver chip control, constitute the endless changes in color and graphics. The shell is made of aluminum alloy (electrostatic oxidation), high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, dustproof, moistureproof, protection class IP65. LED SMD line lamp with low power consumption, no heat, impact resistance, long life, etc., with the controller, you can achieve water, gradient, jump, chase and other effects. LED SMD line lights are widely used in building contours, building lighting and wall washing and other occasions, is the ideal choice for landscaping decorative urban environment; [Detailed]

Lighting Engineering of Nanjing Strait City in Jiangsu Province

Lighting Engineering of Nanjing Strait City in Jiangsu ProvinceUse products: LED wall washer (size: 1000 * 40 * 48mm) More than 6000 meters, LED light guide plate (size: 600 * 400mm) 2000 multi-chip, LED secondary packaging point source (size: Φ30mm) more than 10,000 meters

LED wall washer

LED wall washer through the built-in micro-chip control, in small engineering applications, no controller can be used to achieve gradual change, jump, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradients and other dynamic effects, can also DMX control, To achieve chasing, scanning and other effects. The main applications are: single building, historical buildings, exterior lighting; building inside the light through the lighting, indoor partial lighting; green landscape lighting, billboard lighting; medical, cultural and other special facilities lighting; bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues Atmosphere lighting and so on. [Detailed]

Building body lighting engineering

Building body lighting engineeringUse products: LED point light source (Size: Φ100mm) More than 20,000, LED line lights (Size: 1000 * 30 * 35mm) more than 5,000 meters

LED light source

Weidle LED light source is a new type of energy-saving environmental decorative lights, LED cold light source, built-in microcomputer chip, programmable control, multiple simultaneous changes, monochrome changes can also be synchronized Colorful gradient, transition, Water lights full-color effect and a number of changes led dot-matrix composition of the light source screen. Can change a variety of pictures, text and animation effects, is a linear light source and a supplement to flood lighting, elegant appearance to meet the floor and other decorative lines of the surface design requirements. LED light source uses aluminum base, heat, excellent water resistance, easy installation, simple control, the use of low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable, the appearance of noble atmosphere, is the floor, bridge contours, hotels, billboards, curtain wall and night lighting Ideal decorations. [Detailed]

Project case

Project caseUse products: LED guardrail tube (specification: D50 * 37 * 1000mm) More than 10,000 meters, more than 1,000 meters

LED guardrail tube

External control really eight LED digital tube Effect: through the controller can be a colorful gradient, transition effect; water, scanning, chasing, off the tail, switch doors, full-color floating effect; the other can do digital signs, you can out of all kinds of patterns. Application: suitable for KTV, hotels and other large commercial premises floor contour lighting, LED digital tube screen signs produced; also applies to both sides of the bridge or highway lighting and other parapets. Really eight outside the control LED digital tube; tube can be clearly separated from the eight, but the eight is constantly changing. [Detailed]

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Custom case

[Wuhan] Phoenix jewelry industrial park lighting project

Case Introduction: Wuhan Phoenix Jewelry Industrial Park covers an area of 60 acres, Phoenix Jewelry Industrial Park, lighting projects using Wedel lighting LED guardrail tube, LED wall washer, LED corrugated lights, LED lamps, etc. more than 30,000 lamps [Detailed]

[Wuhan] Phoenix jewelry industrial park lighting project

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